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ARIEM RESTAURI Srl was founded by Roberto Brunetti in February 2012 with the intention of continuing on their own twenty years of experience gained in the monument restoration and renovation of public and private buildings. Experience gained in the nineties as Technical Director in other companies and, since 1999, as a partner and Technical Director of A.R.I.E.M. Srl., at the end of July 2012 has been split in favor of ARIEM RESTAURI Srl.

For the restructuring and upgrading of buildings and for the restoration of monuments, which require special attention in the use of human resources, the use of materials which are often innovative and high-tech and use of equipment, ARIEM RESTAURI Srl, thanks to the experience of its technical Director, implements an organization that takes care of the constant updating of staff training, careful research and study of materials, intervention techniques and innovative equipment with the purpose of compliance with the asset to the processes that were often historical and under protection, and the needs of the customer.

ARIEM RESTAURI Srl has the certificate of the SOA in OG1, OG2, OG11 and OS2-A and has implemented the Quality Management System in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.


Ariem Restauri Srl - Viale dei Monfortani, 57/b
00135 Rome - Phone/Fax 0644292737 - E-mail info@ariemrestauri.it

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