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Restoration, refurbishment, functional adjustment and re-qualification of cultural heritage and monuments require by nature great accuracy in works and the use of materials and techniques consistent with their value and suitable for their protection.

State Archives and Libraries are often located in buildings of great historical and monumental value and thus, given also their contents, most valued as a whole.

Since they are frequently used as offices, deposits, archives open to the public, they must be compliant with rules and regulations concerning the protection of cultural heritage and safety standards, whose implementation can be technically difficult owing to their age-old structure.

However, the protection of cultural heritage does not always allow radical interventions - sometimes necessary to abide by safety standards -that appear simpler on ordinary facilities.

To this end, ARIEM pays great attention to new and innovative working methods where by the technical problems typical of these buildings could be easily solved without undermining their protection.

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Tests conducted in the field of monumental restoration have made ARIEM gain significant experience, thus setting the stage for innovative ideas and solutions also in regard to the partial or total restoration and re-qualification of ordinary or industrial buildings.

For example, the old library of Grenoble Cultural Institute was fully refurbished and a new Bibliographic Centre fitted with reading rooms and audiovisual workstations was built, thus meeting the ever more demanding needs of customers.

Besides, ARIEM paved the drive of Complesso di S. Giuseppe a Trinità dei Monti in Rome using original materials laid with traditional methods in line with the indications provided by Local Offices.

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